In the U.S., transport collapse due to snowfall

In the U.S., transport collapse due to snowfall

The bad weather has hampered traffic in the central United States and will cover the northeast in the coming days.
In several states in the northeast of the U.S. is expected to have a transport collapse in the run-up to Thanksgiving due to snowfall and strong winds
The state of South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are expected to cover the weather. Strong winds can knock down trees and cause power problems.

Traditionally, before Thanksgiving, the U.S. transportation system is heavily loaded.

Snowfalls have already passed in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska in the central United States. Up to a meter of snow fell in parts of northern Colorado. One person was killed and two were injured in an accident caused by bad weather.

In Denver, the capital of Colorado, about a third of flights from the international airport were canceled due to snow and high winds.

The difficulties of bad weather cause and in the airports of California, where it rains. At the Auckland International Airport, electricity was lost for an hour and a half, causing several flights to be delayed.

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Two weeks ago, record frosts and heavy snowfalls hit the eastern United States.

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