In the United States found a rare two-headed turtle

By | May 14, 2020
In the United States found a rare two-headed turtle

Aquarium staff will do everything possible to give the turtle the maximum chance to live a full life.
In the state of Virginia, USA, they found a rare two-headed turtle and transferred it to the aquarium of the Museum of Wildlife. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Now the museum is closed due to coronavirus, but those who wish can watch video broadcasts with an unusual turtle.

The herpetologist Travis Long said that the chances of a turtle growing up are small since different heads control different parts of the body.

“The control of the paws is divided in half: the left head controls the left paws and the right one controls the right. If the heads do not figure out how to work together, even simple tasks like swimming can be potentially dangerous for the animal,” Long said.

Long urged people not to try to take care of such animals on their own, as it is difficult to ensure proper care

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