In the US, a married couple found a million dollars on the road

Law enforcement officers find out where the money came from on the road. They believe the packages belonged to the postal service.
In the US state of Virginia, a married couple, Emily and David Shants, discovered two bags on the road that contained about a million dollars. This was announced on the eve of the site WTVR.

“Spouses from Caroline County found almost a million dollars in cash by running into bags,” the report said, which does not indicate the exact amount of the money found.

It is indicated that the Shants did not look into the bags, but put them in the trunk in order to throw them to a landfill on the way. And when they were about to get rid of them, they found smaller plastic bags inside and money in them.

The couple called the police and now law enforcement officers are finding out where the money came from on the road. They believe that the packages belonged to the postal service and that the money was intended for the bank.

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In turn, Emily Shants noticed that she and her husband “did the right thing, because the money did not belong to us.”

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