In the US, a teenager cleaned the street after protests and received a scholarship

By | June 7, 2020
In the US, a teenager cleaned the street after protests and received a scholarship

A teenager who spent 10 hours cleaning the street after the protesters were presented with a car, insurance, and a college scholarship

18-year-old American schoolboy Antonio Gwynn saw that after the protests in his city of Buffalo, there was a lot of garbage left and decided to clean the street on his own, CNN reports.

Antonio began to clean at 2 a.m. and continued for 10 hours. Later, a group of neighbors arrived for cleaning, but they noticed that the guy had already done most of the work.

The teenager explained that one of the city avenues was filled with glass and other rubbish, and he knew that in the morning a lot of people would use this street to get to work. After the American media told Antonio about the help, the community decided to thank him

So, one of the indifferent Matt Block gave the guy his red 2004 Mustang. It turned out that the mother of the guy who died two years ago also rode on the red Mustang. Therefore, the gift came out symbolic. Another businessman decided to give Antonio a year of free auto insurance.
After graduating from high school, Gwynn planned to enter a vocational school, saving money for college. But in one of the Buffalo colleges, after they heard about the story of a teenager, they offered him a full scholarship to study business with them.

Recall that in connection with the mass demonstrations, protests, and riots in 33 US states mobilized 41.5 thousand troops of the National Guard.

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