In the US, say goodbye to George Floyd

By | June 9, 2020
In the US, say goodbye to George Floyd

Meanwhile, the country continues to debate on racial issues and police reform

In Houston on Tuesday held the funeral of the African-American George Floyd, whose death in police custody sparked protests across the country. The funeral will be attended only relatives and friends of the deceased.

After the funeral of Houston police will escort the funeral procession to the neighboring city of Pearland, where Floyd will be buried beside his mother.

On Monday evening the city hall of Houston is highlighted in red-gold light – in the colors of the school where he studied. Many cities have supported this event in memory of Floyd: red and gold lights were lit in Los Angeles, Boston, Oakland, Las Vegas, New York, and other cities.

On Monday, thousands of people came to the Church in Houston, where he was exposed to a farewell open casket with the body of Floyd. Last week, memorial services were held in Minneapolis and North Carolina, where he was born Floyd.

Also on Monday accused of the murder of a police officer Floyd Derek Cavin for the first time appeared in court in Minneapolis. He is in jail and appeared in court via video link. Next time he will appear before the court on June 29.

In Minneapolis, where he died on May 25, Floyd, 9 of the 12 members of the city council called for the abolition of the municipal police, considering that it is not subject to reform.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom ordered that in the framework of police training programs had not been trained in the application of the suffocating grips.

Police in Denver on Sunday also announced the introduction of a total ban on the use of this tactic. In addition, members of the special forces will be obliged to activate body cameras during operations.

The Governor of Washington Jay Margie reiger proposed to create an independent division to investigate killings involving the police and to oblige policemen to report violations by colleagues.

According to published Tuesday poll Washington Post-Schar School, 81 percent of respondents believe that the police the necessary changes to ensure equal treatment of African Americans and white. 74 percent of respondents support the protests, and 25 percent strongly oppose them.

Commenting on the reaction of the President of trump at the situation, 61 percent of respondents spoke negatively, 35 percent favorably.

The death of Floyd has sparked outrage among religious leaders across the country. Representatives of African American religious communities, progressive Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and other faith groups are calling to reform the police and eliminate racism.

Last week, more than 1000 rabbis, pastors, imams, and other religious leaders held an online conference to discuss ways of confronting systematic violence against African Americans.

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