In the USA, over one and a half thousand pandemic victims per day

In the USA, over one and a half thousand pandemic victims per day

The total number of people who died due to coronavirus in the country exceeded 25 thousand. Most victims in New York.
In the USA, the daily number of lethal cases of coronavirus exceeded 1.5 thousand. This is evidenced by Worldometers data on Tuesday, April 14.

Over the past 24 hours, 1,554 people died in the United States. The most dead in New York – 778 people. Another 362 deaths were recorded in New Jersey. In Louisiana, 129 people died from coronavirus. Fatalities have been reported in all states. The total number of deaths in the States is 25,194.

At the same time, 16.5 thousand new infections were recorded in the country per day. The largest daily increase in cases was recorded in New York (+6553) and New Jersey (+4240).

The total number of detected cases of coronavirus in the United States exceeded 603 thousand. A third of the – 202.2 thousand – occurred in the state of New York.

Recall that earlier in the US citizens began to receive incentive payments. Between 50 and 70 million US citizens will receive incentive payments to their accounts by April 15th.

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It was also reported that Trump is preparing a plan to open the country after quarantine. The American leader promised to send governors instructions on how to safely open the states.

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