In the “Vector” developed a vaccine against coronavirus for instillation into the nose

By | May 30, 2020
In the

One of the vaccines against coronavirus infection, developed by the scientific center “Vector”, can be instilled into the nose, said the director-general of the center Rinat Maksyutov.
“Vaccines differ not only in their functional principle but also in the method and scheme of immunization. So, one of our preparations, it does not follow the classical route of administration intramuscularly, but the route of administration is internal, that is, in fact, it is simply inserted into the nose,” he said in the film Naili Asker-zade “Dangerous Virus. Vaccine” on the channel “Russia 1”.

According to him, Vector plans to launch clinical trials in late June – early July and complete them in September. The animals that tested the vaccine tolerated it well, no adverse reactions were observed, Maksyutov added.

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