In Turkey, a bus with Russians turned over.

By | September 18, 2020
In Turkey, a bus with Russians turned over.

In Turkey, two buses collided with tourists, among the latter were Russians
One of the crashed buses was the editor of the named portal Sergei Panin, who was going on a tour. According to him, while driving, another vehicle with tourists crashed into his minibus from behind. The blow, as the eyewitness noted, was not strong.

“Three minutes after the collision, we saw a second bus at low speed hit a tree that fell on it. The bus turned over on its left side, later the tourists told me that the seats fell off. Several people were injured; they had fractures, strong bruises, and head injuries,” Sergey Panin shared the details.

He also added that the driver who took the wounded to the hospital lost his way in the mountains and barely managed to get the people out. The ambulance did not pick them up until two hours later.
According to more detailed information, seven of the injured in the accident were from Moscow and the Moscow region.