In Vienna, 50 thousand people protested in support of BLM shares in the United States

In Vienna, 50 thousand people protested in support of BLM shares in the United States

A demonstration was held in the Austrian capital in support of protests against police violence against black people in the United States.
In Vienna, tens of thousands of people took part in a rally of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States. This was reported by Kurier on Friday, June 5.

Police report that around 50,000 people who opposed racism and police violence came to the demonstration. After the rally began at 5 p.m., another 5,000 participants joined the protesters every ten minutes.

It is noted that even before the demonstration began, several hundred people gathered at the Human Rights Square in the Museum District to express solidarity with the protests against racist police violence in the United States.

Masked people, because of the coronavirus epidemic, carried placards in their hands in support of blacks, against racism, and police violence in the United States. Moreover, the action was peaceful.

In turn, the police, in solidarity, broadcast the inscription, Black Lives Matter, on the information board of official cars.

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Recall that earlier in the United States said goodbye to the deceased George Floyd, the mayor cried at the tomb. A moment of silence lasted eight minutes and 46 seconds, and it was precisely this time that the policeman kept his knee on Floyd’s neck during the detention.

It was also reported that the petition for punishing the cops who killed George Floyd gained a record number of votes. The petition gained over 15 million signatures in a week.