Incredible idiocy! Russia sued on Youtube

By | May 20, 2020
Incredible idiocy! Russia sued on Youtube

Russia was the first lawsuit in the Moscow city court on full lock YouTube. And he is quite justified
Under existing law, YouTube can really block
The source reports that the company Ontarget (LLC “Ontarget”), engaged in the development of tests for assessment personnel, filed a court claim about the lock on the territory of Russia YouTube.

As stated by the CEO and the founder of the company Svetlana Simonenko, on the Google video service there are channels that offer “fool future employers and pass the tests for them” and placing the tests developed by Ontarget. The main problem is that the earlier Ontarget has already won a court case against Google on the same topic, but the search giant has not fulfilled the requirements and does not remove the corresponding content. Thus, the current violation is repeated, which allows Ontarget to require complete blocking of YouTube in Russia. The source reports that they polled the experts do not know other such cases, the requirements of blocking YouTube in the country. A leading analyst of the Russian Association of electronic communications Karen Ghazaryan said that if YouTube really blocks, it would lead to “a massive restriction of the rights of Russian citizens and contrary to the spirit of the Civil code and the Constitution.”

Deputy Chairman of Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs on intellectual property and the creative industries Anatoly Semenov notes that none of the parties to such disputes have previously tried to apply for the full lock platforms such level so as not to annoy people and not to put the court to a standstill. The point is that the current legislation, in particular, one of the norms of the law “On information”, indeed oblige the court to adjudge on the complete blocking of the whole website in case of violations, such a situation with Ontarget.

At the moment, according to Mediascope, the monthly audience of YouTube in Russia is more than 45 million

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