Indian scientists prove that Chinese coronavirus created artificially

They found that the Chinese coronavirus was formed from two different types of coronavirus, common among animals (bats and snakes), as well as four virus-like inserts characteristic of HIV.

No known coronavirus has such a structure. Thus, scientists prove that the virus is created artificially.

Commenting on the study of Indian scientists, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, military expert Igor Nikulin stressed that in China, patients with coronavirus began to be treated with AIDS drugs, and there are recovered.

Thus, in an interview with the Moscow Komsomol, he said: “This is definitely a combat virus. There is no doubt that it was created purposefully.”

While scientists are creating a vaccine against a new type of coronavirus, doctors remind that the main methods of combating it are the same as against influenza.

It is necessary to wash hands after the street, wash the nose with water (since the virus attaches to the mucous). In the past, the chief sanitary doctor of the USSR Nikolai Burgasov advised doing these two things in any epidemic. By the way, he lived for more than 90 years.

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