‘Influence public opinion’: What public hearings on Trump’s impeachment could lead to in the U.S. Congress

'Influence public opinion': What public hearings on Trump's impeachment could lead to in the U.S. Congress

Public hearings will begin in the House of Representatives on November 13 as part of Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. The first to be will be former U.S. Attorney for Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent. They had previously testified to congressmen, but behind closed doors. Trump himself has said that he should not attach importance to the testimony obtained from third hands and promised to publish a transcript of another conversation with the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. The White House chief of staff is to blame for the pressure on Green to get a compromise on Trump’s eventual 2020 rival, Joe Biden. Experts believe that public hearings are designed to create a negative atmosphere around the President of the United States so that he resigned or lost the presidential race. In the U.S. House of Representatives November 13 begins the public phase of hearings within the framework of Donald Trump’s formal impeachment proceedings. The hearings, in which a number of officials from the White House and the State Department testified before the congressmen, were previously held behind closed doors. They will now be broadcast on national television.

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, believe that Donald Trump during a conversation with the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelinsky allegedly used his position to extract personal benefit – to get dirt on a possible opponent in the election 2020, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.
The purpose of the hearing is to gather testimony from Trump administration officials to determine whether the U.S. president actually abused his authority by requiring Green to cooperate with the investigation into Biden and his son.

Committee chairmen attach particular importance to public hearings.

“These hearings will address issues of great importance to both the American people and to the functioning of our government in accordance with the constitution,” said Adam Schiff, a Democratic congressman from California and the United States. Chairman of the Intelligence Committee investigating Trump’s impeachment.Diplomatic witness

The public hearings will be opened by the testimony of two State Department officials: U.S. Attorney in Ukraine James Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent.

Taylor has previously told congressmen that he considers the White House’s actions to be “mad” to freeze the allocation of military aid to Ukraine. In his written statement sent to Congress, he said that Donald Trump had two foreign policy channels to communicate with Kyiv. U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland and Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, who has been seeking an investigation by the Green Team over Biden Jr., as well as Alleged Interference in the U.S. Election 2016.

According to the U.S. Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine, “the implementation of the official foreign policy of the United States was undermined by the informal efforts directed by Giuliani” and “the channel of informal political interaction worked contrary to that of the United States. long-established U.S. course.”

George Kent, for his part, said in a written statement that President Donald Trump “wanted green from the podium to say three words: “investigation,” “Biden” and “Clinton.”

Earlier, his former adviser on relations with Russia Fiona Hill, former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Jovanovic, U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland and Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker gave evidence during the impeachment procedure.

Volker also provided Democrats in Congress with his correspondence with Taylor, Sondland, Giuliani and Green’s aide Andrew Ermak. According to the heads of the House Intelligence Committees, this correspondence confirms the accusations made earlier against Trump. It should be understood that the closed hearings, which have taken place up to now, were not recognized by the White House as a formal procedure of impeachment, Yuri Rogulev, director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the United States at Moscow State University, told RT.

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“The members of two congressional committees, i.e. 15-20 people, voted for the beginning of this procedure. Trump did not recognize this as a formal impeachment procedure and said the process violates all principles of American democracy. Democrats held closed-door hearings that Trump barred members of his administration from attending. Some other witnesses, such as former National Security Adviser John Bolton, refused to participate in them themselves,” the expert explained.

After that, the Democrats put the issue to a vote of the entire House of Representatives to legitimize the impeachment procedure, Yuri Rogulev added. On October 31, the House of Representatives approved an impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump: 232 votes to 196.

“And the official impeachment procedure does not provide for secret hearings in one of the committees. Now official hearings begin, and they are always open,” the expert explained.

Donald Trump regularly criticizes impeachment proceedings on Twitter, calling it a “farce,” a “circus” and a politically motivated “witch hunt.” On the eve of the public hearings, he again criticized the officials of the State Department, testifying against him, and called on everyone to re-examine the transcript of his phone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky.

“Why pay such attention to second- and third-hand testimony (and many are given by ardent opponents of my presidency or those whose lawyers are such) if you just need to read the transcript of my phone conversation with “He didn’t get any pressure to get an investigation into Joe Biden.”

Trump also said he would release a transcript of another conversation with Vladimir Zelinsky.

“To remain the most open president in history, This week I will release the first, and therefore, a most important phone call with the President of Ukraine,” the American leader wrote on Twitter.

The procedure of public hearings is purely political, Yuri Rogulev said in a conversation with RT.

“That’s why the first thing at these hearings will be people who agree that Trump should be removed from office,” he said. But now Republicans will be able to call their witnesses. But in any case, these hearings are purely political, as Trump did not commit any crimes,” Yuri Rogulev stressed.

In his turn, political scientist Mikhail Sinelnikov-Orishak told RT that the closedness or openness of the hearings does not matter, as the U.S. Constitution does not specify how the evidence that is presented in the impeachment proceedings. He said public hearings are being used by Democrats to “create negative public opinion about Trump and his administration.”

“Now all this will be put to the public in order to influence public opinion. For example, thirty-seventh President Richard Nixon resigned without waiting for impeachment, precisely because there was such an atmosphere when it was cheaper for his supporters to surrender him in order not to lose various elections on the ground. Democrats are acting in a similar scenario again and want to make Trump an unarmed marginal so that he resigns or loses the next election,” he concluded.