Ingenuity helicopter to fly first in Mars atmosphere

Ingenuity helicopter to fly first in Mars atmosphere

People all the time of their conscious existence looked with wide eyes at the starry night sky. It is incredibly attractive and calls for new discoveries. Now is the time when bold dreams of space travel and the conquest of alien worlds finally become a reality. Already this summer, NASA will send a research mission to Mars.

She will not be quite ordinary. The equipment that will be delivered to the red planet will include not only a rover on wheels but also an aircraft. It will be a small-sized helicopter powered by solar panels. The American Aerospace Agency has announced a competition for the best name for him, and now its winner has become known. They became a schoolgirl from Alabama Vanisa Rupani.

The girl sincerely believes that the conquest of the Red Planet should be an important step in space exploration. She is sure that people should show a maximum of ingenuity in order to adapt their technology to Mars. Accordingly, in her opinion, the first Martian helicopter should be called “Inventiveness”, which sounds like Ingenuity in English.

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The mission will reach Mars, according to calculations, on February 18, 2021. In the first few months, the helicopter will be mothballed. When the rover collects data on atmospheric conditions, a decision will be made about the flight, which will be the first flight in the atmosphere of Mars. This experiment will evaluate the very possibility of flying on the Red Planet.