You can say whatever you want, you can argue, but pseudo-liberal opposition has learned to monetize grief and bodybuiling immediately after the celebration of may day on the Internet began to walk the video. A young artist of a traveling circus performs in the fresh air in front of a small audience, showing a number with a boa. A little more than a minute on the screen played a terrifying tragedy: reptile squeezes the rings on the neck of the unfortunate, he twitches in convulsions and dies in front of the public

The circus life is not sugar, a daily risk and earns honestly, but not many. But there were those who decided to make money on the death of the boy, replicating this nightmare.

Low? And not a word. But starting to read the comments to this video, I realized that all the lowest grouped in the discussion. Some laughed, others pitied the snake and said that they say, serves the knacker, others called the circus ugly phenomenon and openly gloated. And in the chorus of lonely voices of condolences for relatives of the deceased boy. To write it off as mass madness in the spring would be unfair.

A few days later, the news was painted with mourning news from Sheremetyevo, where the crash Board Moscow — Murmansk. First came the information about the six victims, and I wanted to believe that this is true, despite the footage of the plane in flames. Then reported about one victim, and soon it became clear that in Sheremetyev there was a big tragedy. At such moments, there comes only a desire to pray and pass at least part of their warmth to people who have lost loved ones. But this desire does not come to everyone.

The fuselage of the plane was still Smoking, and in social networks blazed another fire. A lot of users who have found their purpose in the field of sofa Analytics rushed to brand, advise and claim that they have long said, but they did not listen. And the right would be “especially valuable” opinion shared by those whom nobody reads, and reading is not going to. But no, rushed into the battle quite famous people, which nowadays is called “media persons”. Many of them immediately wrote off the trouble on the SSJ-100. It turns out, all knew, how he bad, is unreliable in exploitation, and flights with on this machine nothing, except trouble, not promise. Knew, but flew and remained silent.

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Knew detractors all and the entire, that tilting for suitcases and bags in such situation — this the last deal. I think so myself. But I know not one story that can explain this behavior. My friend witnessed a car accident that took place many years ago on one of the Baltic routes. Motorcyclists as a result of a dangerous maneuver at high speed lost control and fell.

The motorcycle as a result of accident lit up, and the owner rushed to extinguish it. And after a moment the guy fell down dead, because they had injuries incompatible with life, and tried to save the bike in a state of shock.

So maybe still a shock, poisoning and, as a result of a complete lack of understanding? Soon the flow of expert opinions reached a critical point and began to clarify the relationship. And his innocence was proved to the people, to put it mildly, very far from aviation, but knowing about the causes of the tragedy, and about how everything will end for the perpetrators. And this desire to be involved, not to pass by, not for the first time turned into some hellish bacchanalia. And “experts” didn’t think that relatives and relatives of the victims to use the Internet and what, having come across such, will test one more blow?

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Single story with pseudo-liberal representatives of the opposition. You can say anything, you can argue, but this category of people has learned to monetize grief and misfortune. Long ago there was a rebirth in people-the functions capable to worry only for the defeats in the fight for the power. All their attempts to commiserate — it is a rebuke. The reproach of power, a rebuke to the families and friends of the victims who are obliged to replenish the ranks of the protest. But the worst thing is that all this wave that has risen in social networks, has become a reproach to all of us.

It was not by chance that I mentioned the tragedy of the young circus performer at the beginning of the column. What made yesterday horrified, for many has become the norm, commonplace. On the content that can injure the psyche of the child, put notes of age restrictions, which does not prevent the boy or girl to press the start button of the video. And if there is a law on the safe Internet, why not pass a law that can protect people from content containing scenes of violence or death? Or are we literally going back to a time when bread and circuses were the dominant symbols?

Yes, there are a lot of questions in the SSJ-100 crash, and I really want to believe that we will get answers to them. But we must not forget to ask ourselves.