Invasion of Norway by Special Forces SSO GRU called a fake

Invasion of Norway by Special Forces SSO GRU called a fake

In a conversation with the media, the editor-in-chief of the magazine “National Defense” military expert Igor Korotchenko called the news about the Russian special forces in Norway a fake. AldriMer reported that American reconnaissance aircraft took photos of Russian GRU special forces in the Svalbard archipelago as well as on the Norwegian mainland. Russian special forces allegedly scouted the area and studied important infrastructure. According to the expert, the task of the fake is to exploit the fears of a part of the population of NATO member states regarding the so-called “Russian threat”. “This is the worst relapse of the Cold War, fueling espionage and Russophobia,” RIA Novosti quoted Igor Korotenko as saying. The expert adds that if the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and the Pentagon do not make an official refutation of the information duck about the Russian special forces in Norway, the competence of the Norwegian military and their NATO colleagues will be in doubt.

After all, how could they allow the special forces of a foreign country to be on their territory? “There were no Russian special forces in Norway and there is no one,” the expert stresses. The Russian Embassy in Oslo has also officially denied information about Russian special forces in Norway. The embassy is considered a fake, a gross provocation and part of the systemic work in Norway to plant the image of the enemy in the face of Russia. According to diplomats, in this way, the Norwegian authorities are trying to justify the increase in military spending. Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations under the President of the Russian Federation, told Sputnik radio that such an unexpected injection is connected with the improvement of relations between Russia and European countries, as this warming does not suit the United States. In addition, it is important for the customers of the fake to put the international treaty on the Svalbard archipelago in a negative light. Under this treaty, the archipelago has a special status. Norway’s sovereignty is established in this territory, and the countries participating in the treaty, including Russia, have the right to use resources and waters. Bogdan Bezpalko considers AldriMer’s message to be part of the information and psychological war against Russia.

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