IPhone access to car will become standard

IPhone access to car will become standard

Modern cars are becoming more technological. Some automobile brands have already begun to implement solutions to the so-called “keyless entry” when in order to open the car and start the engine, the former mandatory attribute in the past is not required – the ignition key. Now its role can be played, for example, by a smartphone.

Apple seized on this idea and decided to develop it. This approach seems to many, at least convenient. A new Apple CarKey feature for iPhone phones will be introduced soon, which will allow you to gain control of the car with only a smartphone. It is reported that it will be possible to use it even when the smartphone’s battery is completely discharged. To use the machine you will only need the physical presence of the iPhone itself.

Moreover, the technology will be standardized. Just recently, a consortium of automotive connections announced the final stage of work on the Digital Key Release 2.0 standard, which will describe the features of storing, authenticating, and sharing digital keys for vehicles, as well as highlight aspects of integrated security and privacy.

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