iPhone causes Kanye West’s exclusion from election race

By | August 12, 2020
iPhone causes Kanye West's exclusion from election race

Singer Kanye West is not only talented and famous but also takes an active part in the political and public life of his country. His civic position did not allow him to stand aside when the new election race for the post of head of the United States of America approached. He decided to run for office, and his team began collecting documents. The actor wanted to run for president from Wisconsin.

However, in this election, he will be able to participate only as a citizen who has the right to vote for other candidates. That’s because he banally did not have time to submit the necessary package of documents in due time. It turned out that he was let down… iPhone. West’s men used it as a chronometer, but the head of the commission said they were late for… 14 seconds! As a result, the rapper was denied registration.

He, of course, could not agree with this, believing that his rights were infringed. The executor’s lawyer wrote an extensive complaint against the actions of the official who refused to register. One of the main aspects is that the time displayed on the iPhone screen is not exactly correct. The complaint will be considered, it remains to be seen how fundamentally it was to refuse to accept documents because of the 14-second delay.

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