Iran backed Bahrain’s “shame” by missile launch in Persian Gulf

By | September 13, 2020
Iran backed Bahrain's

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has condemned in the strongest terms the United States-brokered deal between Israel and Bahrain, the Jewish state’s second agreement in a month to normalize relations with another Arab monarchy in the Persian Gulf. According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the Palestinian people and Muslims around the world “will never agree” to normalize relations with Israel, the Tehran Times reported today, September 12.

“There is no doubt that oppressed people of Palestine, along with free Muslims around the world, will never allow normalization of relations with the usurper regime of Israel. This shameful act will forever remain in the memory of the oppressed people of Palestine and the free nations of the world,” – said in a statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic on Saturday.
Official Tehran called the Israeli-Bahrain deal “a shameful and humiliating act”, which “brings the cause of Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinian people as a sacrifice on the altar of presidential elections in the United States.

“From now on, the rulers of Bahrain will be complicit in the crimes of the Zionist regime (Israel – Ed.) as a constant source of threat to security in the region and in the Muslim world, and as the root cause of violence, massacres, war, terrorism and bloodshed in oppressed Palestine, – said in a statement of the IRI Foreign Ministry. – Undoubtedly, the result of this step of the government of Bahrain will only be the growing anger and persistent hatred of the oppressed people of Palestine, Muslims, and free peoples of the world.
The statement also warns Bahrain that the authorities of this country will be fully responsible for any possible threat from Israel in the Gulf area.

Iran has previously issued similar warnings to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Last Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he was mediating what he called a “historic deal” between Israel and Bahrain. Under the agreement, Israel and Bahrain pledged to begin exchanging embassies, launch direct flights, and begin developing relations in “a wide range of areas,” according to a statement by the White House on September 11.

This agreement, as can be understood, almost completely repeats the terms of the deal between Israel and the UAE, which was also the first announced by Donald Trump on August 13.

A harsh negative reaction to the news of the agreement between Israel and Bahrain followed from the same countries and political actors in the Middle East who condemned the Israeli-Emirati deal: Turkey, Palestine, and the Lebanese Hizbullah movement.

Recall that Bahrain is ruled by the Sunni Al-Khalifa dynasty, although the majority of the population of this island monarchy are Shiites. In recent years, the country has seen a number of disturbances caused by the oppression of the Shiite community in the kingdom. Bahrain hosts the headquarters of the 5th operational fleet of the U.S. Navy (with responsibility for the Middle East).

The night before, as part of a large-scale three-day exercise code-named Zolfaqar-99 in the southern regions of the Islamic Republic adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz (which links the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea), the Iranian army fired an anti-ship cruise missile Qader at a conventional enemy vessel more than 200 kilometers from the shore.