Iran calls on US to let Americans breathe

Iran calls on US to let Americans breathe

Iran’s Foreign Ministry called on the United States to stop violence in the country and “let its citizens breathe”.
Thus, diplomats made a reference to the last words of George Floyd, who died during the detention in Minneapolis.
Message to American officials and the police: stop violence against your citizens, let them breathe, the agency quotes the head of the department Abbas Mousavi
46-year-old African-American George Floyd died in police custody. One of the law enforcement officers pressed the man on the neck. The law enforcer continued his actions, despite the requests of Floyd handcuffed to stop doing this. In the footage from the scene of the incident, one can hear the detainee say that he cannot breathe. After some time, African Americans stopped moving.
After the incident, riots broke out in many US cities. The authorities even had to introduce an emergency regime. Acting US President Donald Trump called Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey “very weak.”
New Zealand residents protested on June 1 over the death of African-American George Floyd during his detention in the United States. They shouted the slogan, Black Lives Matter, in solidarity with the deceased.