Iran announced the suspension of some commitments under the Joint comprehensive action plan (JCPOA), also known as the nuclear deal, earlier this month, saying that other signatories have a 60-day period to fulfill their obligations against the backdrop of US sanctions against the country.”Tehran officially suspended some obligations on the nuclear deal after the order of the national security Council of the country,” ISNA reports, citing an anonymous official in the atomic energy Organization of Iran.

President Hassan Rouhani announced the suspension of certain obligations under the deal on enriched uranium and heavy water exactly one year after his American counterpart announced Washington’s withdrawal from the JCPOA and the restoration of sanctions against the Islamic Republic, citing the Iranian nuclear program as a pretext for a decision.

Commenting on this step of Tehran, Moscow said that Iran has voluntarily assumed obligations, and can stop them if the other parties to the agreement do not fulfill their obligations.

At the same time, official Paris urged Tehran to fulfill its part of the deal, noting that in the case of Iran’s failure to fulfill its obligations, European countries can impose sanctions.

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