Iran opposes the phased lifting of U.S sanctions

Iran opposes the phased lifting of US sanctions

Tehran insists on the complete abandonment of the US sanctions against Iran, rather than a phased lifting of them. Said Khatibzade, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, stated.

As reported by the Iranian Press TV, the Iranian diplomat stressed that Iran adheres to “the policy of the final lifting of all US sanctions,” and at the same time does not consider the so-called phased plan.

As EADaily reported the day before, citing Reuters, Iran and the United States announced on April 2 that they would enter into indirect talks in Vienna starting next Tuesday, April 6, as part of broader discussions on the resumption of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

The United States confirmed its participation in this meeting at the working group level. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the talks would be structured around working groups that the EU is going to form with the current JCPOA members, including Iran.

“We do not expect an immediate breakthrough as there are difficult discussions ahead of us. But we believe that this is a healthy step forward, ”the State Department stressed, adding that Washington remains open to direct negotiations with Tehran.

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