Iran sentences “CIA agent” to death

By | February 4, 2020
Iran sentences

Iran has identified three CIA agents. One was sentenced to death for espionage in the area of Iran’s nuclear program.
Iranian authorities have handed down a death sentence to a man believed to be a CIA agent. Allegedly, the convict intended to pass on classified information about Iran’s nuclear program to American intelligence, Interfax writes, citing Tasnim.

The harsh sentence was announced by the official representative of the Supreme Court of Iran Golam Hossein Ismaily.

One of the CIA spies named Amir Rahimpur was sentenced to death. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence. He tried to pass on information about Iran’s nuclear program to U.S. intelligence,” Ismaili said.

Apparently, there is no question of appeal in the case or pardon, because, as the representative of the Iranian Supreme Court noted, the sentence should be carried out soon so that its patrons understand that Iran will not be lenient. foreign enemies.”

Ismaily added that two other CIA agents who worked undercover at a charity were found. They were sentenced to 5 and 10 years’ imprisonment.

Earlier we wrote that the United States imposed sanctions against the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

It was also reported that the ex-CIA officer was sentenced to 20 years for spying for China.

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