Iran shot itself? What is behind the death of the ship in the Persian Gulf

Iran shot itself? What is behind the death of the ship in the Persian Gulf

Frigate of naval forces of Iran fired on a ship of their own Navy. Past that is a common mistake, which happens on hundreds of exercises of all armies, or sabotage from the US?

Let us define: the information about the incident until a formal confirmation is not received.

However, such incidents rarely receive any official confirmation.

For unpleasant.

The frigate sank his
So we operate on the information which was published in the social network, the Director of the political department of the Iranian news Agency “Tasneem” Mahdi Bakhtiari. Well, with their own sources of Constantinople, of the names and titles which, of course, not reveal.
So, according to the report of Bakhtiari (by the way, is quite important the name), during naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman anti-ship missile frigate “dzhamaran” (something like “messenger”, “messenger”, “transmitting” in the language of the Persians) got into an auxiliary vessel “Konark”. It is reported that this vessel sank. The victims were two (although it is possible that there will be more), victims – tens (which is natural).

Official confirmation of the information from the military yet.

In fact, everything.

Such incidents happen everywhere. Even if you rely only on message Bakhtiari (as the name says the representative of one of the most powerful Iranian tribes, repulsive in their origins from Yamna culture of the Indo-Europeans), we see a typical manifestation of so-called “friendly fire.” Marine specialists, which managed to reach Constantinople, almost in one voice said that, apparently, the support boat did not have time to get out of the sector before the start of the firing. Or the shooting began before the agreed period. It is unlikely, for the discipline in the Iranian army (and especially in the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps) is supported at the proper height.

What happened?
Based on the available information, our sailors make one assumption: warhead anti-ship missiles reacted well,– on target, trapped in her grip.

She’s a fool, – said one of the interlocutors of Constantinople. Though smart.

A sort of dialectic, according to him, is explained simply.

Anti-ship missiles of the modern generation themselves capture the desired target.

The default assumes that this aim is the largest in the order ship. Preferably the carrier. Preferably American.

What sharpened the Iranian Navy. In the case of the scenario “B”, the Persian Gulf with the adjacent waters should be free”. Or “Amerikkka” in Dari and – out.

The Iranians don’t like America.

What is the fuel?
Constantinople has repeatedly highlighted the military power of Iran. Can you not read, the meaning is partly outdated weaponry once Pro-Western countries of today are replaced with modern. And – the. Which, however, are based on the Russian and Chinese prototypes. In this sense, the frigate Jamaran can be a typical example of the formula “IDS” – “Iran makes itself”. Well, by analogy with RDS – the first Russian atomic bombs, who people (dedicated, of course, enter in the appropriate information) the transcript of the “Russia makes itself”. “Dzhamaran” is the lead ship of the Mudge project. By the standards of the naval – new: commissioned in 2010.

Weapons composed of anti-ship missiles from China (C-802) of the sample (well, that is a Russian originally) Noor. As well as artillery caliber 76 mm (OTO Melara) and torpedoes. Helicopter protivolodochnyi. A displacement of 1420 tons. The crew of 140 people.

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In fact, the “dzhamaran” – a multi-purpose patrol boat near sea zone. The Corvette in the modern classification. In Russia, the analog can be considered ships of the project 20380. “Keepers”. Our really more: displacement 2220 tons and a length of 105 meters. But the purpose is the same: the fight against surface ships and enemy submarines. And RCC Noor that ship has been allowed. At a distance of 100 km Missile taken from Chinese RCC-802 (aka tactical anti-ship missiles, medium-range Yingji-82 “Attacking eagle”). That, in turn, was copied from the Soviet ASM P-15 “Termite”. Adopted, for a moment, in 1960.

But really, the Chinese rocket flies further because it uses a turbojet engine instead of the solid rocket boosters. Due to this, the maximum range reaches 120 km, and a Launch weight of 715 kg of Combat load – 165 kg.

Homing (the likely culprit of the incident) active monopulse radar. The Range Of 10-20 GHz. What is important: in this range can give the team the Americans through their satellites.
This is about them and questions…

But is it simple?
In the article, it is stated that Iranian naval forces conducted planned exercises in the Gulf of Oman. And the victim “Konark” is that it was used as a serving vessel.

The fact that the situation is not normal, but typical, they say all sailors. One of the interlocutors of Constantinople gave examples from the history of the Russian fleet. There was, for example, cases that are anecdotal to call not only allows their tragic mood. When, say, the reflection of a missile strike missile target (a “false” nature of the exercises in the Russian army Soviet era can not be denied no one) suddenly nothing changes the trajectory of the flight and actually struck the ship-“streljalki”.Or when only a minesweeper pierces the rocket from the tragedy, but again, any military man will remember how, at a simple shooting range, a soldier, when checking a weapon, suddenly burns with his remaining forgotten cartridge. And then either the morgue or the warrant officer Savochkin runs around the neighborhood, catching with a sharp ear if there are moans and screams.

But here questions arise. But is it not too often that Iran – its army – has accidents?

Recall how recently an anti-aircraft crew shot down a Ukrainian plane. And also – sort of by accident. But! The plane is Ukrainian. And it is known for sure that Kyiv slaves of the USA for lousy cookies easily shoot their own. Killing your own plane with civilians is not a question at all. The regime of Kyiv easily and artillery people with the earth leveled.

Because of the issues – although Tehran pleaded guilty to its military – a lot remained on this occasion. And in general – are there too many accidents with missile launches near Iran recently?

In general, is it that simple? Are white-red ears with a coloring under the mattress moving somewhere behind the scenes?