Iran 'sold' General Suleimani to Americans over threat of military coup

Iran ‘sold’ General Suleimani to Americans over threat of military coup

The killing of Iranian Special Forces Gen. Kasem Suleimani by the Americans was one of the most high-profile events on Jan. The Iranian government has promised to avenge the general’s death, but is it so smooth?

According to the Israeli intelligence Mossad in Iran there are mass purges. The Internal Security Service of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), whose special forces were commanded by General Suleimani, arrests IRGC command personnel in Tehran and Iraq.

According to MOSSAD sources, former Suleimani associates were arrested in the first place. This information strangely complements the information that Suleimani gave to the Americans, who regularly reported to the CIA about the route and whereabouts of the general.

Such coincidences suggest that the general was decided to get rid of the Iranian political establishment at the highest level. But why?

Perhaps the Iranian leadership feared that Suleimani would decide on a military coup. He had great authority both in the people and in the army. Nothing would prevent him from coming to power on bayonets.

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According to Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Magdi, shortly before his death, Suleimani was carrying out a diplomatic mission between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. It cannot be ruled out that the general was looking for allies abroad, under the guise of carrying out a secret diplomatic mission. 1979, it could pose a threat to the Iranian authorities.
After that, Iran “sold” General Suleimani to the Americans because of the threat of a military coup, at least, could well do so. After all, to get rid of just so from the popular general it was impossible, it was necessary to preserve his reputation as a hero.

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