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Iran warns of new strikes on U.S.

Iran warns of new strikes on U.S.

The Iranian government has said it is ready to take “more effective measures” if the United States responds to strikes on its bases in Iraq.
Tehran will take even more serious measures if the U.S. responds to strikes on bases in Iraq. This was announced on Wednesday, January 8, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabia, ISNA news agency reports.

Rabia stressed that Iran had a right to respond forcefully.

“We are not militants, and that was our legal right. If the U.S. decides to respond, we will take more effective countermeasures,” Rabia said. He thanked the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for “conducting an accurate operation in which the American base in Iraq was attacked without the ability to defend itself,” the statement said.

Rabia said that “from now on, Trump will definitely not be safe in the region,” including because of the “activities of some groups.”

But the actions of such groups are not related to Iran. We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. And if these people want to do something against the United States, it will be their personal decision,” he said.

Ali Rabia also commented on the possibility of a strike on U.S. targets in other countries in the region, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, discussed in a number of media outlets.

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“If the United States no longer conducts ruthless operations, peace will come in the region. We have no plans to deal with other countries, especially Those in the World Cup. These states have said that they will not allow the United States to act against Iran,” Rabia said.

According to him, at the moment Tehran “assumes that America will not carry out another stupid operation.”

Recall, last night surface-to-surface missiles were fired from Iran at two bases in Iraq, where the U.S. military contingent is located.

Media named the number of victims of the shelling of the U.S. base in Iraq. Iran’s missile attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq killed 80 people, Iranian state media said, adding that Iran has hundreds of more targets in the region.

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