Iranian general explains lies about cause of UIA plane crash

Iranian general explains lies about cause of UIA plane crash

The Iranian leadership claimed for several days that the Ukrainian plane had crashed allegedly due to a technical fault for the sake of national security.
Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, whose troops controlled the missile system that brought down the UIA airliner, explained that Tehran was hiding the truth about the cause of the plane crash to protect its national security. Business Insider writes about it on Thursday, January 16.

Hajizadeh, for example, said that the lie was necessary to improve Iran’s security.

“Because if we had told everyone as it is, our air defense system would have been crippled and our guys would have started to doubt everything,” he said.

The author of the publication notes that the Iranian general obviously meant that the Iranian missile defense would have been undermined by a lack of self-confidence after such a catastrophic mistake, not because some technical error would have disabled Weapons.

By the way, the general’s current words contrast with his statement he made last week. At the time, he said that he felt great shame and “would like to die” so as not to see the consequences of the plane crash.

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Hajizadeh is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, a powerful paramilitary group that reports directly to the country’s supreme leader.

Recall, the day before, the President of Iran apologized for the delay in acknowledging the downing of the plane.

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