Iran's Foreign Ministry comments on new U.S. sanctions

Iran’s Foreign Ministry comments on new U.S. sanctions

Washington should understand that the U.S. sanctions policy has failed, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said, commenting on U.S. sanctions against Iranian financial institutions.
“Americans should recognize that (their) sanctions policy is a defeating policy. Its excessive use and transformation of the dollar into weapons have seriously called into question the reputation of the United States and its economy in the international community,” Mousavi said, noting that the announced sanctions are nothing new – “old sanctions in a new form.”
According to the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the Americans are no longer the only economic superpower in the world.
Mousavi also called on the countries of the world to consider a new trade and economic order in which the impact of “hostile” U.S. actions on development and free international trade would be minimized. Iran’s central bank and national development fund have been accused by Washington of all accusations in connection with attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry. U.S. President Donald Trump called the new sanctions “the most severe” of all time.

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