Is coronavirus a BIWeapon for China and Russia?

Is coronavirus a BIWeapon for China and Russia?

If the main words of the past 2019 were protest and fire, then 2020, before it could come into its own, thrown into the world media space another formidable term – vira. And, it would seem, after the English mad cow’s rabies, as well as many all possible wine, chicken and other flu to scare humanity with another bacillus is simply impossible. However, the new Chinese Coronavirus quite succeeded. The first cases of infection were detected at the Wuhan Fish Market in The Province of Hubei in China, but it turned out that neither raw fish nor shrimp with octopus had anything to do with the disease. The fault of all again was meat, however, this time it is not about cows and pigs, but much more exotic bats and snakes, which the Chinese also eat, and which were sold at the same Wuhan market. These animals are carriers a huge number of different coronaviruses, and it is likely that one of them, having undergone a mutation, has become very dangerous to humans.

However, just a few days after the first cases of infection, the Chinese media began to amicably recall the words of a professor of one of the most respected in the Celestial University of Shanghai, who in his report claimed that such mutations do not happen it’s just that the U.S. has been accused, to be more precise, of creating hundreds of laboratories around the world to breed new strains that are nothing more than biological weapons.

Given the difficult relations between Beijing and Washington, the professor’s statements quickly spread on Chinese social networks, causing a real panic in the country. The fact that just a few days after the discovery of the so-called zero patients, the account of the infected went to 1000, and the number of deaths exceeded several dozen, did not improve the situation. Moreover, cases have already been reported in China’s neighboring Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. But the most important thing is that China has now started the so-called Chunjie season, during which millions of inhabitants of the Celestial Empire travel around the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Unlike past global viruses, which were assigned the names of animals, the new strain received only the official medical acronym – 219-NCOV. The saddest thing is that the first symptoms of the new disease are almost indistinguishable from the common cold. However, later to replace the increased temperature and cough comes to fever, lung damage, and later the violation of kidney function, which leads to a deplorable outcome. To date, despite the fact that the study of Coronavirus thrown what is called the whole light of Chinese medicine, mutated in the pathogen is known very little. Only one thing can be said for sure: the disease can be transmitted respiratory, and simply put, by airborne droplets.

And since the first remedy against such infections is a breathing mask, it is not surprising that without exaggeration the whole of China now resembles visitors to the infectious diseases department of the hospital. However, the presence of a mask and even a respirator does not guarantee 100% protection, the fact that 15 doctors who are engaged in research, were infected with a new strain, despite almost the maximum possible precautions.
China's coronavirus epidemic could be a biological weapons leak
But even more alarming is the fact that almost all of them have been in contact with only one infected patient, which gives quite good reason to believe that the virus is not only very dangerous but also very resistant to various remedies. To stop the spread of the epidemic, the authorities of the Celestial Empire resorted to the most urgent measures: all those who had at least minimal contact with confirmed cases, as well as those who have symptoms at least minimally resembling a new disease, are in strict quarantine. The airports have thermal imaging systems that allow remote detection of people with high temperatures. Naturally, passengers of flights that arrived by their Wuhani are subjected to strict inspection.

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