Is it possible to reliably protect the correspondence?

Is it possible to reliably protect the correspondence?

People have long ceased to write letters on paper, preferring a more convenient and comfortable way of conducting correspondence using electronic channels. Most often, these are email services. Such services provide instant message delivery and the ability to send not only text but also various attachments. However, hackers can get access to the correspondence and there is already evidence that these are not just theoretical considerations, but facts that take place in reality.

Is it possible to protect your correspondence from prying eyes? Of course, you can. For this, special solutions have been developed. For example, you can use e-mail services that use more reliable and hack-resistant data encryption algorithms. The most popular services are ProtonMail and Hushmail. They provide a high level of privacy and can be used both via the web and through mobile applications.

Nevertheless, you should always forget that any, even the most reliable, protection algorithm can be hacked. This follows from the fact that created by one person can be repeated by other people. In addition, there is also a human factor. You can access messages simply by taking possession of someone’s phone. You can also introduce virus software into his system, which will transmit all information, including the correspondence.

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Experts agree that e-mail is inferior to modern instant messengers in terms of reliability. So, Telegram and Signal became one of the best. So far there is not a single fact that would prove the possibility of hacking them. It is for this reason that many public people use these services for personal and business correspondence. For example, Elon Musk recommends Signal and some others Telegram.