ISIS Terrorists Issue Coronavirus Prevention Directives

ISIS Terrorists Issue Coronavirus Prevention Directives

The network discusses a memo on the fight against coronavirus, which was published on sites controlled by ISIS militants (prohibited in the Russian Federation) and circulated in the British press. A terrorist organization tells its representatives how to act so as not to get COVID-19 coronavirus.
We are talking about the so-called “Shariah preventive directives”, which are said to reduce the risk of infection with a new type of coronavirus.

In the Igilov memo, in fact, there are typical items that are also found in issues from official medical structures around the world: wash your hands more often, and with soap, not to be in crowded places, not to visit infected regions. However, there are special ones. Among them is “to seek protection from Allah, since the disease did not appear on its own, but by order of above.”
For terrorists, who often threaten reprisals with the involvement of suicide bombers, appeals to members of their group not to visit crowded places seem at least original.

Recall that at the moment the largest number of people infected with coronavirus is in China, Italy, and Iran. The total number of infected has exceeded 160 thousand. A few days ago, WHO announced the COVID-19 pandemic, although a couple of weeks ago, organization officials said that there was no question of an epidemic, let alone a pandemic.

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