This is reported by information resources “IG”.

According to reports, a police officer was killed during one of the attacks of a local jihadist cell in Quetta. The second attack targeted local Taliban in the southern part of the city, where one Taliban militant* was killed in a clash and several others were injured.

However, as the specialized telegram channel “Director 4” notes, it is more remarkable that the message of the Islamic state was distinguished by a new name for Pakistan. If earlier it was considered to be “Vilayat Khurasan” [Vilayat — the main administrative-territorial unit in several countries], but now he speaks of the “Wilayah of Pakistan”.

“In fact, the IG output from the “Vilayat Huracan” two new region — Pakistan and India, the formation of which was recently claimed in a similar way. Most likely, the group brought cell IG under the leadership of “Chorosan” to make them more independent and more competitive. Competition between the Taliban, Pro-al-Qaeda groups and is in the region will certainly lead to an increase in the number of terrorist attacks and attacks, both on each other and on government forces,” the channel reports.

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* — prohibited in Russia