Israel is learning to destroy the Russian S-400 and again waiting for concessions from the Kremlin


In the coming days, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev will go to the Holy city of Jerusalem. There, he will hold talks with Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton on June 24-25. In addition to the American at the meetings will be present and the head of the national security Council of Israel Meir Ben-Shabbat. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already dubbed this event “historical”, and the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called it “an important contact”.

Officially, little is reported about this meeting — Peskov said only that the issue of the Middle East settlement will be discussed. He especially pointed to the situation in Syria. That’s all she wrote.

But there seems to be much more to the meeting than a banal discussion of the state of Affairs in the flaming middle East. Either way, unlikely, Netanyahu spoke about a “historic and unprecedented”. Of course, it is Israel that benefits the most from the very fact of organizing this meeting. First, the venue itself is very symbolic. Jerusalem. A Holy city for which much blood has been spilled. But recently it has been taken over by Israel, with which the majority of the world’s States categorically disagree. Disputes about the status of the city have been going on for a long time, but last year Donald Trump decided to put an end to this story, who officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. Everyone protested. By the way, Moscow was on the list of those who actively condemned the haste of the American President. But now Patrushev without problems flies to the same Jerusalem. To meet who? With Donald trump’s Advisor, with one of the most fanatical hawks… And it doesn’t seem to bother anyone at all, everyone is happy — and Bolton with trump, and Netanyahu with Ben Shabbat. And even the Russian side declares the importance of the visit…it is Particularly noteworthy that now, shortly before this meeting, the Israeli air force is conducting large-scale exercises. IDF pilots are working out plans to attack and counter Hezbollah and Iran. All would be nothing, so that’s just the pilots work out the breakthrough and destruction of the Russian s-300 and S-400 complexes. Suppose that they need to be able to effectively resist the S-300 for the reason that these SAMS are in service with Iran. But what about the C-400? In the region, they are very limited — in Syria, there are a number of installations, but they are not operated by Syrians or Iranians, and our military. It turns out that Tel Aviv allows confrontation with Russia since it fulfills the destruction of the S-400. By the way, Netanyahu himself visited these exercises and spoke enthusiastically about them.

However, perhaps Patrushev’s mission is to achieve economic benefits for Russia. Some time ago, Russia and Israel were not doing well — if not forgotten, the fault of the IDF was shot down our Il-20. After that, Putin even stopped contact with Netanyahu, and that Moscow seems to want to teach a lesson to Tel Aviv. But it so happened that after some time at the celebration of the centenary of the end of the First world war, our President himself approached Netanyahu and started a nice conversation with him. Anyway, the footage shows how cute old friends are smiling at each other. Since then, there have been rumors that Putin approached Netanyahu and offered a deal. The essence of it is that Israel petitions the United States for Russia, trying to bring her company out of the anti-Iranian sanctions, and Moscow closes its eyes to the Israeli attacks in Syria and pushes the Persians away from the Golan Heights. Perhaps Bolton and Patrushev will discuss this along with many other issues right now? Still, Russia has kept its promise — tel Aviv can freely bomb Syria without fear of even condemnation. There have been many such attacks in recent years, all of which have been painless for Israel. Maybe now it’s time for Netanyahu to keep his word.

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Russian political scientist and orientalist Oleg Gushchin believes that the parties should meet to discuss a specific deal on Syria, but here the subject of discussion will be, rather, not some economic issues, but, in fact, the division of zones of influence in the Arab Republic.

— It will be a discussion of specific issues, not the Declaration of slogans. That is why in Jerusalem goes to not Lavrov and not Shoigu, namely Patrushev. Roughly speaking, they will discuss what and how much it costs. What you can get. Israel, as always, needs not to be disturbed by Iran. Russia acts as a mediator between Israel and Iran, as they do not contact each other. Now Patrushev and listen to what tel Aviv wants, and in response to voice certain claims of Tehran. But with the US everything is somewhat different. We need to convey to them that in Iraq they got involved, that’s where it ends, and that’s in Syria came from Russia. We’ll figure it out without Washington. Against the background of tension with Iran, the US decided to send another 1000 military to the region.

— Who knows, maybe these people are needed to deter the Pro-American opposition in Syria. But on the other hand, it would be better if they did not send their soldiers to the Middle East, and all these oppositionists and other troubled people were collected and taken somewhere to Jordan or to another country with which they have good relations. Perhaps Patrushev will tell you about it.

— do You not consider this meeting in the context of a possible agreement between Netanyahu and Putin on the withdrawal of Russian energy companies from anti-Iranian sanctions?

— Very much even can be, but here there is one thing but. The US and Israel are allies, of course, but Netanyahu is not on the best of terms with Washington. With Obama, he did not get along — they did not love each other. With trump normal, but with the rest of the elite States — it does not matter. So I think Netanyahu doesn’t have enough influence on Washington to lobby for such a project. Secondly, for Russia it would be somehow humiliating — after all, we are a sovereign country, and with whom we want to cooperate on our own terms.

— Nevertheless, we can not deny the huge impact of the US on the world economy.

— It is, of course, Yes, but they have already imposed sanctions on us, so it’s time to get used to and learn to act in accordance with sovereign interests