It became known about the failed deal that detained George Floyd policeman

It became known about the failed deal that detained George Floyd policeman

Police officer Derek Chauvin, who used strangulation while detaining a black American, George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis, tried to conclude a plea bargain with the prosecutor. This was announced by Fox News.

According to the channel, negotiations took place four days after the death of Floyd and the day before the arrest of Chovin. This information was confirmed by the representative of the district prosecutor’s office, Hennepin Chuck Lashevsky. Without specifying the reasons, he stated that the deal had failed.

Sources familiar with the failed negotiations clarified that the deal would include a confession to murder and violation of civil rights. Previously, the three police officers who were present during the arrest of Floyd were charged with complicity in the murder of the second degree. Charges against police Chauvin, who used strangulation while detaining Floyd, were also reclassified as second-degree murder – before that he was charged with manslaughter.

At the end of May, it became known that Floyd and Chauvin worked in the same club a year before the incident. They were both responsible for keeping visitors in order. The first worked as a bouncer, and the second worked as a security guard.

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Since May 26, mass protests in Minneapolis have continued, accompanied by riots with clashes with the police. Citizens rallied against police brutality after the death of a local resident, George Floyd. Subsequently, supporters of the movement against violence against blacks, the Black Lives Matter (“Black Lives Are Important”) took to the streets, the protests turned into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting, and arson. In the city, to strengthen the protection of order, units of the National Guard and armored vehicles were involved, in addition, a curfew was introduced.