It became known about TikTok’s plans to sue the U.S. authorities

By | August 8, 2020
It became known about TikTok's plans to sue the U.S. authorities

TikTok plans to challenge in court the order of U.S. President Donald Trump to ban the application in the U.S. The lawsuit will be filed in the Southern District Court of California.

It argues that the actions of the U.S. President are contrary to the country’s constitution, and the accusations made against the company are not supported by facts but are only rhetoric about threats from China. This is reported by NPR. The White House declined to comment.

US President Donald Trump’s campaign has accused developers and the TikTok administration of spying on American citizens. Representatives of the president said that the social network was caught red-handed in tracking data in the clipboard in the smartphone. State Department Chief Mike Pompeo has admitted that TikTok will be banned along with other Chinese social networks, as they can pass on private information to the Chinese authorities.

According to, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. company can purchase a service to create and watch short videos of TikTok until September 15, 2020. The transaction may be made by Microsoft or another company. Otherwise, the application will not be allowed in the United States.

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