It remains only to pray: Italy is preparing for the worst

In Italy, the virus has already killed more than 800 people. The number of infected exceeded 12 thousand. The authorities adopted tough new measures. Not bars, restaurants and shops in addition to grocery and drug stores. Of the first victims of coronavirus reported in Azerbaijan, Poland, and Austria. State of emergency declared in the Czech Republic and Latvia.

Flower square without flowers. The flowers are not a necessity, and not before the holiday. A new day, and in Italy the new rules. Closed to everything: cafes, restaurants, hairdressers.

Here it is, Rome, the unrecognizable mask can be removed — still no one. This Campo Dei Fiori restaurant are never closed, even in summer.

Left newsstands, tobacco shops, they make payments to pharmacies and shops. One can fill in a certificate to go out to buy food, keeping a distance of two meters. The market is no more — left four counter with the vegetables, but the police patrol has all walked around and warned: and they’re here for a while.

“They said that they work — we sell products, but I’m afraid that tomorrow we will cover”, — says the seller.

Sitting at home trying to persuade a variety of ways, for example through loudspeakers: “Citizens, it is a necessary measure, do not leave your homes without the pressing need!”

In the air, as in China, raised drones. But out of the house and so no one comes out. This is Rome — lunch: Central street, Piazza Farnese with the French Embassy. Rome is now similar to Milan, who died two weeks ago.

The Archbishop of the city on the roof of the Duomo praying before the symbol of Milan — a statue of the Madonna, begging her to protect the city and the congregation in times of coronavirus.

Italy is so bad that, indeed, we can only pray. Here the nurse calms the patient’s country, wrapped in the Italian flag — this installation made by the carabinieri in Calabria, in two days became a symbol in social networks. Italy is preparing for the worst — in Milan under megalopidae may give the territory of EXPO — Fiera di Milano, in Milan there’s nowhere to put the patients, and in Bergamo, there are no places in morgues — the coffins are transported to the Church.

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The mayor Giorgio Gori, and all Lombardy, considers that the measures are still insufficient and need to stop absolutely everyone: “We need more stringent action, citizens should stay home and not go to work! So we can protect those areas that have not suffered greatly because of the virus!”

The virus in the Parliament — has two deputies. Sent to quarantine “Juventus” and “inter” after the analysis of Juventus defender Daniele Abuse gave a positive result. Here are the players in an embrace in the locker room this Sunday to celebrate their last stop before the champion’s victory. The star of world football and Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Portugal right after the game – to his sick mother, and he would stay there. Tests were taken from all players.

On vacation and Spanish football – La Liga.

That’s how the airports in Britain are disinfected, in Italy, they are going to close them. The first is Linate in Milan, nobody flies anywhere. Communication with Italy was suspended by many countries. The traffic jam between Bolzano and Brennero towards Austria is 80 kilometers.

Italy is watched and studied. Major events are canceled almost everywhere – sports, culture, conferences – all this is postponed indefinitely.

While preparing for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the Olympic flame was lit in Greece – without spectators and journalists – the ceremony was simply broadcast.

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