Italian Foreign Minister praises Russian assistance to the country

Italian Foreign Minister praises Russian assistance to the country

Italy is not afraid to become dependent after providing Russia humanitarian assistance to the victims of the pandemic coronavirus regions of the country, said the foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.
“Russia has sent masks, apparatus for ventilating the lungs and people to disinfect our buildings and cities. They made a gesture of help and solidarity. Italy is not the country that due care needs to be afraid to fall into some sort of dependence on other countries. We are in the “Big seven”, we are challenged and we have a lot of friends in the world,” the Minister said in an interview with Euronews.

Wednesday in the local newspaper la Stampa has published an article which, citing unnamed high-ranking sources stated, 80% of Russian supplies to Italy to combat coronavirus infection “is useless or of little use” for the country. The author proposes that the agreement Prime Minister of Italy Conte and Russian President Vladimir Putin may have geopolitical overtones. The Italian leader allegedly agreed to accept help, to strengthen personal and political relations with Moscow, and the Russian President, “saw the coronavirus opportunity to drive a wedge, including physically, in the situation in Italy.”
In response to these accusations, Russian Ambassador Sergei Razov in a letter to the chief editor of la Stampa said that “Russian soldiers, like their Italian colleagues, will risk the health, and perhaps life.”
“With regard to the usefulness or uselessness of the content of the Russian aid, then we think about it it would be worth asking first of all inhabitants of Bergamo… where have died 1267 people, and 7072 remain positive,” said the Ambassador.
Italy ranks first in Europe in the spread of the coronavirus. According to the latest official data released Friday evening by the civil defense, currently in the Apennines were more than 86 thousand cases of infection with a new type of virus, almost 11 thousand patients have recovered, the number of victims amounted to 9134 people. Thus, the number of reported cases in Italy exceeded the number of infected and victims in the Chinese government reported 81.3 thousand cases of infection.

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