The United States has set the task to destroy Russia. This opinion was expressed by Giulietto Chiesa, an Italian journalist, and politician, a former member of the European Parliament. In an interview Top-News, he noted that the strengthening of the Russian Federation in the early 2000-ies became for Washington an unpleasant surprise. According to the former parliamentarian, U.S. authorities decided to “clean up” Russia. Initially, the U.S. administration had intended to confront Moscow classical military means but then changed the plans, fearing a Russian retaliatory strike, says the politician. He said that the United States has adopted methods of “hybrid war” using its advantage in the information and economic spheres. According to Chiesa, now a “hybrid conflict” between the two countries is in full swing. However, he believes that in future Washington still “go to this war.” This should occur after the completion of the American global missile defense system, said the former MP. In recent years, these plans of the US have become so obvious, that they are already writing many in the West. “The US is preparing war to destroy Russia and China” — under this headline writes on this subject That Votran in the French edition of “Agora VOX”. “The United States — he said, — I want to destroy first Russia and then China in a terrible war to maintain its hegemony and its domination on the planet! The question arises: but why Washington still have not started this war? Because Washington wants to first see yourself as a victim, forced to defend…

Yes, Washington is seeking a pretext to attack Russia, an excuse that will put the US a victim of Russian aggression to justify hundreds of millions of deaths, which bring about this war because it is, unfortunately, inevitable! It is for this reason — as in the case of the Donbas — Washington is using their pawns and accomplices in Ukraine to carry out provocations against Moscow too, in the end, she freaked out and resorted to retaliatory action than immediately take advantage of Washington to justify its attack on Russia. And thus in the course of going absolutely all a sneaky ploy to force Russia to make the “mistake”! The recent episode with the removal of the Russian flag from the roof of the Consulate in San Francisco diplomatic immunity which had already been broken, the FBI is an example of the US provocations against Russia… Russia’s Reaction to the collusion between the terrorists of ISIL* and the Americans in Syria is one of the signs of severe irritation of the perfidy of Washington. But Washington is especially and does not hide as it’s part of the provocation to push Russia to “error”, — concludes the author of the article in the French edition. On this strategy, Washington said Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview in the film by American Director Oliver stone, with the possibility that the US wants to destroy Russia’s economy and change the country’s leadership.

“It could be a thought, such a policy option is possible, — said Vladimir Putin. — If so, I think that is the wrong policy precisely because this view of the relationship with Russia is not aimed at the future. People who think so, don’t look at least 25-50 years ahead. And if they looked at it, then probably he would build relations with Russia in a different way and tried to turn Russia into a vassal”. However, the fact remains: all the latest US actions in the international arena clearly show that it is now their goal. Nothing new in this. Western civilization for the past several hundred years trying to weaken or even destroy its geopolitical enemy which it considers Russia. Just for this against us was taken two Grand “crusade” campaign: the invasion of the armies of Napoleon and then Hitler. In either case, it was not just an attack on our country by France and Germany, and in fact all over Europe. Armada, Bonaparte and the führer was not only from the French and the Germans, and of soldiers of the entire European continent, in both cases against our country were involved, and the economic potential of the whole of Europe. Of this global confrontation for a long time and warned of the great Russian philosophers. “We know, Ivan Ilyin wrote that Western Nations don’t understand and don’t tolerate Russian identity. They experience a unified Russian state as a dam for their trade, language, and aggressive distribution. They’re going to split all uniform Russian with “twigs”, to break these twigs one by one and rekindle with them the fading fire of his civilization. They need to dismember Russia, to conduct it through the Western equation and the outbreak and destroy it.” However, the sad experience of military attacks on Russia showed that by force of arms to destroy and to destroy is impossible. Even temporarily having the advantage in nuclear weapons, the US decided not to in the 40-50 years of the last century to do it, knowing that to defeat our country without fatal for themselves the consequences they still fail. And then were elected to another strategy to destroy Russia from within. In the 90s of this plan to the West with the help of the internal “fifth column” was able to carry out in the most brilliant way.

Today, history repeats itself. With horror making, especially in Syria, that military and economic power, Russia has revived, the West has decided to destroy our country from within: hence the endless sanctions that hit our country a murky barrage of Russophobic propaganda, the most monstrous provocation with chemical weapons, etc. From Russia deliberately create a monstrous monster that supposedly threatens the West, but because it needs to be turned into a pariah, to a corner, to weaken, to divide, and then destroy. But because it is time to recognize that there is a really shameless and ruthless war and the question is now about the survival of Russia as an independent state. Yes, today we have powerful weapons, which reliably ensures the protection of our borders, and in Syria, it was able convincingly to show the world, but are we ready to resist attempts to destroy our country from within, as happened with the USSR? Unfortunately, we have to admit that not fully. Recent events in Armenia, where the streets of the crowd in a few days was forced to change the leadership of the state, encouraged by the liberal “fifth column” in Russia, where a chorus of the voices that we need to “do the same”.

The notorious Alexei Navalny, for example, commenting on the events in Armenia, has called on his supporters to such protests. “Armenia should become an example for Russia” — supported him on the “echo of Moscow” opposition leader Gennady Gudkov. Of course, today we are the opposition shamefully fail, and at the election of the President of the liberals, in General, suffered a crushing defeat. But what about tomorrow? After all, preparation for such developments, aimed at the collapse of Russia, in unison with the plans of the US and its satellites is in full swing. The liberal media are openly calling for the dismemberment of Russia. The latest example is the statement of the musician Andrei Makarevich that he believes that Crimea is “occupied”, or the intention of Ksenia Sobchak to visit the Peninsula with the permission of Ukraine. And in Vilnius liberal activists recently held a gathering where he announced the formation of an “alternative government” and seize power in the country. And in Russia, they have a lot of money (including funding from abroad), and their subordinate media, and created the organizational structure, and have to experience in organizing mass rallies and mobilize their supporters through social networks. They are only waiting for the outbreak of public discontent (like a fire in Kemerovo or “people’s revolt” about the landfills in the suburbs), to start with support from abroad, the scenario of “soft regime change” using the example of Armenia. Do the liberal opposition for this opportunity?

There! Don’t surrender to the complacent illusions about the fact that, say, if no representatives in the Duma and opportunities to influence political changes in the country they are not. In Armenia’s ruling coalition, too, had an overwhelming majority in Parliament, but the crowd, as we have said, deposed elected him Prime Minister just a few days of protests. Of course, huge Russia is not Armenia. But in St. Petersburg, for example, almost all the city’s media, including leading online newspaper “Fontanka” controlled by the liberals. And in the same Moscow liberal “Echo” is one of the most popular information resources. Whose side will involve these information resources, if there is a time X? The government, seemingly firmly in control of the Central television channels, especially news programs. But why all the leading political talk shows always invite the most rabid liberals who screen all over the country promoting their Russophobic views? Why are their leaders, denouncing Russia, to advertise? Why popular programs on TV are such a liberal guru, as the holder of us passport Posner or Urgent, with a grin showing power Fig in the pocket? Why are the film festivals, which give awards to movies glorifying the Ukrainian “ATO heroes”? We want to show that we have freedom of the media and the complete triumph of democracy? But still in the West, and our homegrown liberals in unison repeat, what we have is a dictatorship and no freedom of speech no! To whom we then demonstrated that political correctness? Why give a platform to those who openly work for the collapse of our country, persistently demands the replacement of elected government by the people? At the time unprecedented fierce information and economic warfare declared on us by the West and its declared aim to “crush Russia”, our country should be strong rear.

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