Italian mobster bit off jailer’s finger

By | September 8, 2020
Italian mobster bit off jailer's finger

Mafiosi from the Sicilian mafia group goat nostra bit off the finger of the jailer. This is reported by the newspaper Messaggero.

A 60-year-old criminal named Giuseppe Fanara attacked seven employees of the Italian prison Rebibbia, where he is serving his sentence. He is said to have been furious during a check-up in his cell.

Fanara attacked one of the jailers, grabbed him by the neck, and knocked him to the ground. Men began to fight, during the fight mafia bit off the opponent’s little finger of the right hand. It is believed that the perpetrator swallowed it because part of the body was never found. It took the jailers several hours to calm the mobsters.

Fanara faces life sentences for crimes including aggravated assault. After the incident, they decided to transfer him from Rebibia to the maximum-security prison in Sassari.

On March 3, 2019, the Italian Police arrested one of the most dangerous criminals, the head of the mafia organization Marco Di Lauro. This is the boss of a Neapolitan criminal structure, similar to the mafia – Camorra. The Italian Interior Ministry placed Marco Di Lauro on the list of most wanted criminals in 2005, where he was ranked second after the leader of the goat nostra.

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