‘It’s a big blow’: Baltics react to Belarus’ plans to abandon their ports

By | August 30, 2020
'It's a big blow': Baltics react to Belarus' plans to abandon their ports

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Minsk is going to stop using the baltic ports and threatened sanctions against Lithuania and Poland. The Belarusian leader announced this on August 28, 2020, during a visit to the Savushkin Product branch in Orsha, the country’s leader in dairy products.

Here we are now to show them what sanctions are! If the Poles and Lithuanians through us to Russia and China barraged, now they will fly through the Baltic or the Black Sea to trade. They got hungry and forgot what Belarus is

Lukashenko said.

The President reminded that 30% of Lithuania’s budget depends on the flow of goods related to Belarus. For example, oil from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Norway and other countries comes to the port of Klaipeda, which Minsk can easily replace with Russian raw materials.

Political scientist Alexey Dzermant, a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the National People’s Republic of Belarus, reacted positively to the words of the head of state. In his opinion, the reorientation of Belarusians to Russian ports will be a logical and correct decision, after frankly unfriendly actions of Vilnius and Warsaw.

It’s a very important decision. We need to focus on Ust-Luga. The Baltics are hostile


In turn, vyacheslav Titov, a former deputy of klaipeda’s self-government, fears that sanctions from Minsk will hit Lithuania’s economy hard. He stressed in the commentary of EADaily that Belarusian transit is of exceptional importance for Klaipeda. He is sure that his country’s leadership made a mistake when he began to threaten Lukashenko.

We jumped. It’s a big blow. If Belarus stops transiting through Klaipeda, more than one enterprise will suffer. The port and The Lithuanian Railways will face a huge crisis, followed by a wave of layoffs. The state budget will not receive at least 30% of taxes from cargo flows. For example, for the Lithuanian “iron” Belarusian potash fertilizers are the main cargo. Ordinary people will suffer from the government’s actions. President Gitanas Nauseda, if he cares about the well-being of Lithuania, should urgently fly to Minsk and put up with President Lukashenko

Titov is sure.