Janice from “Friends” told how career failure helped her to come up with her famous voice.

Janice from

Ooooh, my Goooood! – this voice could not have been heard in the head of the fans of the series when reading this phrase, if not for the failure of the career of the actress.

Since the last episode of the series “Friends” has been 16 years, but interest in the performers of the brightest roles still does not fade. Today, the portal News.com.au published a rare interview with Maggie Wheeler, who embodied on the screen the image of Chandler Bing’s girlfriend – Janice. Who does not remember her ugly ear voice, exclamation Oh my God! and a unique laugh? We are sure, everyone who has watched the series at least once. A few years ago Maggie appeared on the air of this Morning show – it was one of her rare live interviews, and few people heard her real voice (absolutely not the same as in the series), so after watching it, fans were even more delighted by the actress. Now Maggie told how she managed to come up with such a chip of her heroine, and here is Ellen DeGeneres.
Janice from "Friends"
I was shooting in the first season of the sitcom Ellen DeGeneres, I was there very well, but at some point, I was suddenly fired, and I was just devastated! It shocked me so much because it is unthinkable for an actor, but at the same time, I realized that now I can do what I want without fear and without looking at someone’s preferences. At any other moment, the auditions in “Friends” could have gone differently, but then I was at the limit and decided to prove myself. It worked in my favor. “Friends” would not have happened in my life if I hadn’t gone through the fire. I still remember the producers sitting on the sofa listening to me, and I understand that most likely I am not suitable for them. But, as it turns out, I was mistaken and I am very happy about it.
In an interview for this Morning show, Maggie also noted that originally her heroine was to appear once, but her game was so appealing to the producers and fans that Janice was given a long life.

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Initially, my heroine was not given a lot of space – one episode, but then it so happened that for the whole 10 years, I acted in a total of 22-23 episodes. It was great to know that Janice would continue to be part of the show. I was very happy when the writers decided to return her to the screen. It was an incredible experience!
At the beginning of the shooting, when the series had not yet had time to become a hit and no one thought that it would become so popular, all the actors were friends. In the first year, when we had a small shooting area, very small dressing rooms, we were constantly gathering at one table and playing poker. Each subsequent year the conditions of our work changed – for the better, we became busier and could not communicate so closely with each other.
That my character liked people, I understood, when I was called for the second time and again called on shooting. I still get recognized on the streets, and if someone asks me to laugh like Janice, I do it with pleasure.