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Japan decided to create a full-fledged army

Japan is ready to introduce a clause on the armed forces in its Constitution, Kyodo news agency reported. The corresponding statement was made by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, speaking to graduates of the Academy of National Defense in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The politician noted the fact that the recent dispatch of warships of the Naval Self-Defense Forces to the Persian Gulf region to protect Japanese merchant shipping was interpreted by a number of civil activists as unconstitutional. In addition, formalizing obvious status will help strengthen military ties with the United States.

The Self-Defense Forces of Japan were created in 1954 on the basis of the National Police Reserve. Their task was to jointly defend the country with the American units against a possible attack by the states of the socialist camp. However, the status of the Japanese armed forces, due to constitutional restrictions, was actually more consistent with the internal forces or the national guard.

The sharp increase in the military capabilities of the Self-Defense Forces, including in remote regions of the world, has led to the need to clarify the status. In particular, the press has repeatedly said that the protection of marine communications vital for Japan will inevitably occur outside the territorial waters or the country’s exclusive economic zone.

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