Japan introduced innovative hydrogen refueling

By | March 27, 2020
Japan introduced innovative hydrogen refueling

There is no doubt that cars will become something more than “self-made wheelchairs” from the past, equipped with air-polluting engines. One of the most promising ways to develop transport is to convert it to electric traction. However, this is not the only option. It is believed that in the future cars will use hydrogen fuel.

In Japan, they are now not only thinking about this but also taking real steps in this direction. Not far from the city of Fukushima, an innovative hydrogen charging station was launched and operates. Its appearance was provoked by criticism of the authorities – in Japan, surprisingly, many coal-fired power plants still operate.

The main difference of this new facility is that hydrogen is “produced” exclusively in a “clean” way. The station includes at least 180,000 square meters. km of solar panels. The energy they collect from the sun is used to produce hydrogen. For a day of work, it turns out enough to refuel about 560 cars. It is noted that the station has not reached its rated power and while its operation is being tested.

The construction of such a station makes practical sense. Compared to electric cars, hydrogen cars are characterized by a large power reserve and less time required to refuel them. So, Toyota’s hydrogen Mirai is capable of driving up to 650 kilometers at a single gas station. Most electric cars can’t boast of such indicators.

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