Japan responded to Russia’s opponents in the G7

Japan responded to Russia's opponents in the G7

Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi announced the need to conduct a dialogue with Russia. This was reported by the portal saga-s.co.jp.
The minister made such a statement, commenting on the idea of ​​US President Trump to invite Russia to the upcoming G7 summit. According to Rambler, earlier Trump proposed to postpone the summit from late June to autumn and invite not only regular participants but also the leaders of Russia, Australia, South Korea, and India.

This year, the United States will chair the summit; the meeting will be held in Washington. The invitation to Russia was opposed in the UK and Canada, noting that the G8 format ceased to exist because of the Crimea and Russia has not changed its policy since then. However, Japan did not agree with colleagues on the G7.
“In order for Russia to play a constructive role in solving international problems, it is necessary to conduct a dialogue with it,” Motegi said.
He noted that earlier representatives of other countries and international organizations were invited to the G7 summits.

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