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Japanese medicine for coronavirus was more effective than arbidol

The Japanese drug favipiravir is more effective than the Soviet (Russian) arbidol in treating the coronavirus infection COVID-19. A corresponding study by Chinese physicians is published in the medRxiv library of medical preprints.

The study involved 236 people who ended up in a hospital with a diagnosis of COVID-19. During the week, one half of them (116 people) was on treatment using favipiravir in addition to the usual drugs, while the second (120) took arbidol instead. As a result of this treatment, on the seventh day, the recovery rate in the first group was 71.43 percent, and in the second – 55.86 percent. “In ordinary patients with COVID-19 who have not previously received antiviral treatment, favipiravir can be considered the preferred drug,” the authors conclude.

In March, French scientists reported successful trials of a drug against SARS-CoV-2.

In the same month, the representative of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhang Xinmin, said that the drug against new strains of influenza, favipiravir, manufactured by the Japanese company Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, has also been shown to be effective in treating coronavirus infection.

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