The Japanese offer a new way to identify yourself

The Japanese offer a new way to identify yourself

The Japanese company Hitachi has proposed a new way to identify a person, which uses the pattern of veins. The developers report that the location of veins is strictly individual for each person and can serve as no less accurate and reliable identifier than a fingerprint or iris pattern. The technology proposed by the company will be used to confirm the identity of users when making payments.

The competitive advantage of the new technology could be its ease of use and reliability. Even a smartphone will not be required to identify the payer, and it will be possible to pay just by showing the hand in any place where the appropriate terminal will be installed. After a successful reading, the picture will be sent to the secure cloud storage, where a special algorithm will check it against the reference picture. If they match, the payment will be made.

Another important point could be higher reliability. Faking a vein pattern on the hands is much more difficult than performing the same operation with fingerprints. This method of identification can be applied not only to payments, but in general everywhere where accurate and quick identification of people is required, for example, for registration in hotels, or for registration in a clinic. If the initial experience with the new technology is successful, we can expect it to spread rapidly not only within Japan but also to other countries.

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