Japanese political analyst urged to take four islands from Russia

By | June 4, 2020
Japanese political analyst urged to take four islands from Russia

Japan should declare claims on all four islands of the South Kuril Ridge, a Japanese journalist, and political scientist Yukio Kashiyama wrote in an article published by Wedge Infinity. Currently, the Japanese government points to only two of their rights.

Kashiyama recalled that back in 2018, a clear, principled approach to the territorial problem was formulated in Japan – Russia should give back the four northern islands that had belonged to Japan since ancient times. It was about Kunashir, Iturup, Habomai, and Shikotan. After a couple of years, the country’s prime minister went on to change the requirements: at present, the Japanese only claim Khabomai and Shikotan. However, Russia, according to the political scientist, continues to adhere to a “non-constructive position”, citing the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that “until Japan recognizes the South Kuril Islands as Russia,” further negotiations are not possible.

“We cannot easily make concessions to the Russian side. We cannot cast aside the most important sign of any state – its territorial sovereignty, ”the journalist wrote.
Kashiyama emphasized that if Russia was ceded, then Japan would signal to other countries that “it is possible to occupy Japanese lands” and patiently wait for the country to back down from its demands.
“Now it is necessary to discard the harmful and fruitless idea of ​​the return of the two islands, and with all firmness to return to the original Japanese position demanding the return of all four“ northern islands, ”he concluded.
It is noteworthy that users called Kashiyama’s arguments “whining” and advised him to do an analysis of other events since Russia “will not give up any islands anyway”.

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