Joe Biden actually promises to kill the American economy

By | August 25, 2020
Joe Biden actually promises to kill the American economy

The American media is delighted with the determination and ruthless principled news shown by Joe Biden in his recent interview with ABC. The excitement is caused by the fact that Biden intends to once again introduce a strict nationwide quarantine with total restrictions of economic activity, in case of the continuation of the epidemic, thus demonstrating an approach that is diametrically opposed to the position of President Trump. To understand the consequences of this position, it is worth considering that coronavirus in the European Union, Russia, Bangladesh or China is primarily an epidemiological issue, and only in the United States coronavirus is a purely political issue.

Politico reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said he will do “anything” to combat the spread of coronavirus domestically, including blocking (the economy) of the United States if deemed necessary. I’d turn it off. I would listen to the scientists,” Biden told ABC correspondent David Muir in a joint interview with his running for president, Sen. Kamala Harris. “We will do everything we can to save lives.” Biden’s comments point to the toughest potential measures any Democratic presidential candidate has proposed to stop the spread of the virus, which has already killed at least 175,000 people in the United States.
Joe Biden
The Democratic Party in general and Biden in particular are trying to “sell” themselves to voters as uncompromising contenders against the coronavirus, ready to take the most radical measures in order to stop the epidemic in the United States. The challenge is to make President Trump look like a cynical businessman and “grandparents” who have all hands in the blood of those who died because of the current administration’s reluctance to extend economic restrictions, to ban Americans from their homes and to force them to wear masks under the fear of arrest.

In the regions of the United States, which are controlled by the Democratic Party, the paranoia of the authorities sometimes takes a grotesque character. For example, in Los Angeles, the local mayor’s office not only banned home parties (i.e. actually restricted the constitutional rights of citizens to assembly and free movement), but also disconnects from electricity, plumbing and sewerage at the homes of violators of such restrictions.

It is difficult for those inhabitants of the planet who are outside the American infopole to understand this level of psychosis, but the American media (working against Trump and catching up with the brains of ordinary people with the help of “information nanos” of the industrial scale) have achieved amazing results. For example, Franklin Templeton, a financial company, commissioned a special opinion poll on the epidemic and concluded: “We found that the proportion of people who are very concerned or more likely to be concerned about serious health consequences in the case of COVID-19 infection is almost the same for all age groups from 25 to 64 years of age, and it is not much lower than the proportion of concerned respondents over 65 years of age. The discrepancy with the actual mortality data is staggering: among people aged 18-24, the proportion of people concerned about serious health effects is 400 times higher than the proportion of COVID deaths; for 25-34 year olds – 90 times higher.”Trump vows to “smoke ruins” if Biden becomes president
This could be considered simply normal caution, but there is a nuance: these same concerned citizens are not advocates of hygiene and masks, but supporters of the closure of schools, businesses, public institutions and generally the endless restriction of all normal life until full security is achieved.
Joe Biden
It is by appealing to this psychosis, which, as the customers of the Franklin Templeton poll found out, is spreading mainly among active users of social networks and consumers of mainstream (i.e. anti-Trump) media, Biden said he was ready to shut down the economy after winning the election.

The problem is that shutting down the economy that Biden is talking about will largely be her murder.

“Blocking an entire country costs you up to three percent of GDP per month, so even the richest countries on the planet can’t afford another two or three months of total lockdown.” Hartmut Issel, head of Asia Pacific equities at Swiss bank UBS.

The U.S. in this sense is no different and is even worse off because they did not manage to recover after the first shutdown of the economy. The New York Post reports that “hungry New Yorkers are lining up a quarter-mile long for free food in the city.”
Joe Biden
Prominent economist and leading economic adviser to the insurance giant Allianz Mohammed El-Erian believes that “the destruction of small businesses by coronavirus threatens capitalism in the United States.”

And against this backdrop, Joe Biden – more precisely, his political technologists – is betting that voters should be more likely to be coronavirus and promise them even tighter economic restrictions (with likely power cuts and water cuts for violators) to get them to their side. As Ian Bremer, the owner of Eurasia Group, the largest international political consulting company, rightly pointed out, the only issue the electorate as a whole trusts Trump more than Biden is the economy, and Biden’s announcement could give the incumbent’s campaign more opportunities.

It would be a bit of a pity if these features were implemented. It would be quite interesting to see how the American economy will survive another (no matter how short) total quarantine.