Johnny Depp can stay in Hollywood without roles after losing in court.

By | November 7, 2020
Johnny Depp can stay in Hollywood without roles after losing in court.

Hollywood studio Warner Bros. notified the famous actor Johnny Depp that he will no longer participate in the movie “Fantastic Beasts”.

This series of films was written by Joanne Rowling, and Depp played the role of the dark wizard Green de Wald in it. The creators of the film saga urgently asked the actor to solve the matter amicably and to part without scandal.

This became known from Depp himself, who commented on the situation on his Instagram. He published a letter stating that the studio Warner Bros. will ask him to voluntarily give up the role of Green de Valda.

“I respected this request and agreed,” – said the actor peacefully.
Given his character, this kind of kindness seems very strange, from which in all this history is felt some lack of agreement. And this feeling has good reasons.

The fact is that the studio asked Depp to withdraw from the role after he lost the lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sun. The pull began because of the article of 2018, which stated that the actor beat up the former wife of Amber Heart.

In fact, the court recognized that the Hollywood star beat his wife, and now it is no longer a newspaper dry, but a proven fact. Obviously, Johnny kept quiet about all this in his comment.

Nevertheless, the artist stressed that he was making an appeal against the background of “recent events” and was going to continue litigation to prove his innocence. The lost suit, according to the actor, will not affect his life and career in any way.

The latter is clearly not true – the lost lawsuit has already had an impact on his life and career. And it is very negative – the studio has already announced that the role of Green de Valda instead of Depp will be played by another actor. The next part of the film epic “Fantastic Beasts” will be released in 2022.

As reported by EADaily, in March 2019, Depp filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who wrote an article that she considers herself “a victim of domestic violence. The actor demanded $ 50 million in compensation.

It is now clear that this money “Jack Sparrow” does not see. Not only can he end up without money, but also without roles. For example, it is already known that Johnny Depp will not appear in the new movies “Pirates of the Caribbean”.