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Jordan's parliament bans government from buying gas from Israel

Jordan’s parliament bans government from buying gas from Israel

Jordan is urgently adopting a bill that deals with natural gas imports from Israel. The Jordanian press reports that the country’s parliament voted unanimously in favor of a total ban on the supply of Israeli “blue fuel” – for the cancellation of the gas agreement.

Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef Taraune called the bill “extraordinary.” In a statement, the chairman of the Jordanian legislature noted that the government is now prohibited from carrying out gas purchases with Israeli suppliers.

In the press office of the Jordanian Parliament:

If the Government refuses to implement the law, the issue of the resignation of the Cabinet will be raised.

Two-thirds of the parliamentary votes are needed for the resignation of the Cabinet, according to Jordanian law.

Israel, meanwhile, called the measures taken by the Jordanian parliament “beyond parliamentary powers.”

It is important to note that gas supplies to Jordan from Israel have been agreed by January 1 of the coming year. At the time, Benjamin Netanyahu called the agreement “historic.”


Israel has joined the club of energy exporting countries.

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Now the “historic” event for Israel risks being left solely on paper.

Earlier, Israel, Cyprus, and Greece agreed on the possibility of building a gas pipeline across the Mediterranean In southern Europe. Experts called the move an attempt to create competition for the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

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