Journalist contracted coronavirus and died while awaiting hospitalization

Journalist contracted coronavirus and died while awaiting hospitalization

Vinay Srivastava, a journalist from North India who tested positive for COVID-19, died in hospital while reporting live on air about his attempts to gain hospitalization. According to Vice, the man passed away while waiting to be admitted to a medical facility.

“I’m 65 years old. Plus I have spondylitis (an inflammatory disease of the spine. –’s comment), which caused my oxygen level to drop to 52. No one at the hospital laboratory or the doctor in charge of my treatment was answering,” he complained.

A blood oxygen saturation below 94 is considered a warning sign for people infected with the coronavirus. Srivastava noted, however, that he was not allowed to go to the hospital himself. “I now have an oxygen level of 50, and the hospital guard won’t let me in,” the journalist wrote.

He last reported his condition on the afternoon of April 17. Srivastava wrote that his blood oxygen level continued to drop.” Shortly thereafter he passed away.

It is noted that in the last week in India there was a sharp increase in cases of infection with coronavirus. Due to the lack of space in hospitals, there is panic and anxiety among people because of the inability to get the necessary medical care in time.

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